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David Mitchell and Darin Kraetsch have been friends and business partners for over a decade. Darin is the creative serial entrepreneur. He helped start several companies over the last 22 years, from being a vital member of the Cold Stone Creamery start up team, a founding member of Raving Brands and Moe’s Southwest Grill® and co-founding Flip Flop Shops®. These start-ups were recognized on the Inc 500 list as the country’s fastest growing companies.

David, also an entrepreneur, founded DMA Custom Millwork™ 25 years ago in Atlanta Georgia. David has lead the growth of DMA from a small local 1500 sf. shop into the 133,000-sf manufacturing plant. With a national footprint, state of the art equipment and robotics and over 100 employees, DMA has become commercial millwork powerhouse.

Together they make a unique partnership, and a formidable business force.

The actual idea for Closet Envy was sparked while at dinner, reminiscing about their friendship and how they first met. Darin was referred to David by a mutual contact to, wait… here it comes, build him a custom master closet. Really? Yes really! Even we can’t make that up!

David and Darin are truly passionate about quality and service as well as value. It’s what they demand personally and it’s what they deliver professionally. Two regular guys, that will treat you like a friend. Oh, and by the way, they are hilariously funny!

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